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24x7x365 continuous monitoring of your infrastructure to identify and mitigate attacks as they are happening.

With established industry leading Incident Response and Forensics capability, and working with a powerful SIEM solutions, your organization's network is in good hands.

•   24x7 Security monitoring

•   Threat Detection

•   Incident Response

•   Threat Intelligence

•   Compliance management

•   Security Testing


Threat Hunting uncovers attack patterns by automatically identifying anomalies in the behavior of each user, process, and machine. 

We specialize in conducting Investigations, unravelling the root causes, providing immediate response and guiding action plans to successfully reduce future attacks.

Machine learning algorithms screen every alert for suspicious activity, investigate its spread, and leverage our threat hunting tools, stop the attack. Then we check these outputs to remove false positives and further query data information and systems to detect attacks that might have bypassed other security controls.

Conduct Investigation, unravelling the root causes, providing immediate response and guiding action plans to successfully reduce future attacks. Each new pattern of attack becomes a behavior of threat detection that can be used to stop future hackers before they can cause harm, thus creating a learning and detection cycle.

incident response

Our IR team is armed with  resources, procedures, priorities, and escalation protocols to handle potential incidents in a timely manner and deployment and monitoring setup to establish baseline behavior. 

Immediate preventive measures to restrict propagation, isolate and analyze machines of interest, find and eliminate the root cause of attacks, and mitigate the possibility of future threats.

​Finally, we permit affected systems back into the production environment after testing (and monitoring for future repeat incidents).  This step is followed by post-mortem data collection and reporting. We document all activities and results in addressing incidents and maintain records for compliance assessments. 


Secure your data and applications in a zero-attack surface, zero trust environment.

Our solutions reduce your organization’s footprint and shields your assets through zero attack surface technology. Conceal Cloud enables your organization to safely leverage the cloud with controlled access and non-traceable  network connectivity.


Automatically measure enterprise cultural wellbeing like satisfaction and motivation on a team level without the need for questionnaires.  Receive alerts in case of illegal interactions like harassment, discrimination and abuse.  Assess the outcome of events, trends or management  decisions in real-time & globally.

We use ELEFense's  artificial intelligence to create anonymous people analytics by installing a cookie on every company computer in order to get a reading of corporate values and understand how to improve company culture in real-time. We then run a machine learning algorithm in order to benchmark the unique and individual departmental culture. Individual and private data are never collected and for added data security the system is installed on customer premises.


Forensics allows us to automate intrusion detection throughout your systems. If there is a threat, it triggers an Alarm/Event which notifies us in order to execute the threat analysis protocol. Our enhanced threat detection capabilities trigger remedial actions based on the risk identified. Remedial actions can include system-level functions that are executed immediately, either through a user-executed action or an automated rule or job. We execute a thorough analysis through multiple actions when performing an investigation of the target system. Each of these actions is designed to provide a forensic profile for the target asset.

  • To ensure the computer system's integrity.

  • Produce evidence in court that can lead to the perpetrator's punishment.

  • It assists businesses in capturing critical data if their computer systems or networks are attacked.

  • Cybercriminals from all over the world can be tracked down with ease.

  • Aids in the safeguarding of the organization's funds and time.

  • Allows you to retrieve, process, and interpret factual evidence in order to prove cybercrime in court.

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