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social media &

brand monitoring

As a HNI, you are at high risk from financial and reputational harm caused by cybercriminals, stalkers, adversaries, or even rogue government authorities so protecting your digital footprint is not optional, it is a necessity for keeping you and your family protected. 

Much of the additional risk that you are subjected to will come from online threats or digital technology used against you. Digital Overwatch makes protecting you and your loved ones from these risks easy; we deliver a comprehensive suite of world-class products and services that when combined and managed by experts gives you one less area of concern in your life.

online reputation management

We make your reputation our business. Fake news is the modern-day weapon being used to spread defamatory information with the aim of destroying reputations. Our specialist team monitors your online presence (including all social media channels) so that you are fully aware of what people are saying about you and what the sentiment is.


We interject in a timely manner to reverse bad and unflattering sentiment by implementing a complete sentiment-reversal campaign which is disseminated across all channels to reinforce and often amplify your position.   

Pattern of Life Threat Analysis & Investigation

The Analysts derive understanding of the movements of individuals and organizations.


The system is operationally deployed against adversaries, building patterns of life, delivering source vetting requirements, placement and access validation and bed down locations against traditional hard targets.

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