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rf detection

monitoring services

+  Continuous detection 24/7 providing a secure eavesdropping-free safe space of a maximum of 150m2.

+  Through an automatic surveillance system that anyone can easily use, it provides the most efficient eavesdropping-safe space.

+  Detects frequency ranges of 25kHz to 6GHz with a precise detection resolution of 25kHz

+  Scans all detection frequency ranges within one second while maintaining integrated control of multiple remote terminals.


24/7 Real-Time monitoring and detecting system for wireless eavesdropping device. Monitor multiple rooms and locations simultaneously from ONE CENTRAL CONTROL CENTER.

+ SMART-D spans approximately 100 square meters.
+ SMART-D is unmanned.
+ SMART-D detects varied digital signals (Ultra Wide Band,  Bluetooth, etc.).
+ SMART-D records all detected alerts.
+ SMART-D covers frequency ranges from 25 kHz to 6GHz.


microphone jammer

Infratornado is an innovative device in the field of information protection in the form of a suitcase in full camouflage. Effectively protects confidential conversations, deliberations, business conferences and secret meetings from eavesdroppers and registrars.

The Infratornado device uses a unique system to generate jamming signals that are dynamically variable in the time. The comparative tests carried out show that this system provides about 30 percent more effective jamming of listening devices than other available jammers this type. In addition, proper placement of ultrasonic transducers has allowed to reduce harmful negative interference (quenching) of emitted jamming waves.

multi spectrum

signal jammer

Block the reception or transmission of signals - This is done by creating an interference wave that is very similar to the one used by a telephone.

+  Prevent spying and bugging attempts
+  Protect yourself from location tracking by transmitting a loud signal that can block GPS transmissions
+  And so much more

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